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AEM 264 Homework #1 1/12/07 Due: Friday, 1/19/07 A few words on homework assignments in AEM 264: 1. One, two, or three of the problems from each assignment will be fully graded on a 10 point scale. 2. The remaining problems will be treated as extra credit and will be graded on a 2 point scale. 3. Homework problems will not be worked in class. If you have any questions about a problem, either before or after it is due, please see me in my office for assistance. 4. It is vital that you each learn how to work the problems assigned in this class by yourself , since future test problems will be similar. Group or team homework solutions are not allowed. 5. Your textbook has well-defined guidelines for a solution procedure in each section – use the six-step method for all problem solutions. Correct units and a reasonable number of significant digits (3 or 4) are required for every problem solved in every homework assignment in this section of AEM 264.
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Unformatted text preview: 1. A large truck is traveling is traveling at 60 miles per hour (1 mile = 5,280 feet) when the brakes are suddenly applied and the rear wheels lock. Due to friction between the tires and road, the vehicle decelerates at a constant 14.5 ft/sec 2 = 0.45g. Skidmarks are left on the road. a) Write equations for the truck velocity vs. time and position vs. time. Time t=0 corresponds to the start of the skidmarks. b) How far does the tractor-trailer travel after application of the brakes? (i.e. how long are the skidmarks?) c) How long does it take before the truck comes to a stop after braking? Skidmarks x 2. Problem #2.2.8 from Dynamics by Tongue and Sheppard 3. Problem #2.2.13 from Dynamics by Tongue and Sheppard 4. Problem #2.2.14 from Dynamics by Tongue and Sheppard 5. Problem #2.2.18 from Dynamics by Tongue and Sheppard...
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