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HW11-S07 - AEM 264-003/901 Due Friday Homework#11 The...

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AEM 264-003/901 Homework #11 2/26/07 Due: Friday, 3/2/07 The six-step solution method, correct units and a reasonable number of significant digits (generally 3 or 4) are required for every problem solved in every homework assignment in this section of AEM 264. 1. Harley-Davidson is testing new ABS braking systems for their motorcycles. The motorcycle’s speed is measured both before ( v 0 ) and after ( v f ) a 50 ft long braking section. The speed before the braking section is v 0 =45 mph for all test cases. Three test cases were run: case A (rear brakes only) gave v fA =40mph ; case B (front brakes only) gave v fB =30mph ; case C (front and rear brakes) gave v fB =25mph . Use the work-energy concept to determine the average braking force (NOT coefficient of friction) in each of these three test cases. 2. A ball of mass 0.84 kg is dropped from a height of 11.2 m. After the ball hits a surface, it loses 28% of its kinetic energy. Find the kinetic energy of the ball just before it hits the
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