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AEM 264-003/901 Homework #12 3/2/07 Due: Wednesday, 3/7/07 The six-step solution method, correct units and a reasonable number of significant digits (generally 3 or 4) are required for every problem solved in every homework assignment in this section of AEM 264. 1. The 20 lb block A is released from rest and slides down the incline under the influence of friction. It strikes a plate B that weighs 10lb (coefficient of restitution = 0) and is attached to a spring as shown. Find velocity of block A just before it strikes B velocity of blocks A and B after impact the maximum compression in the spring. 2. Two blocks are placed on a spring ( K=100 lb/ft ) of free length 1 foot and allowed to reach static equilibrium. Neither block is attached to the spring. There is no friction in the system. The upper block ( W B =12 lb ) is suddenly removed. Find: a) How much is the spring compressed before block B is
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Unformatted text preview: removed? (Hint: W A +W B =F=Kx) b) How fast is the lower block ( W A =7 lb ) moving when the spring reaches its free length? (Answer=2.09 feet/sec) c) What is the maximum height reached by the lower block (measured from the free length of the spring)? 3. The spring is permanently attached to block B. Block A is moving downwards at 5.0 feet/second when the spring is compressed 0.5 feet. Find: • speed of block B when spring is uncompressed • distance A falls before coming to a stop (Ans=3.40ft) • will block A start moving back upward after stopping? (Hint: F=Kx is the force in the spring, sum forces on B and A and see is acceleration can be up on A) A B μ =0.20 K=80 lb/ft W A =160lb W B =190lb W A =7lb W B =12lb K=100 lb/ft μ =0.20 A B 10 feet K=15 lb/inch θ =30 degrees...
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