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AEM 264-003/901 Homework #15 3/26/07 Due: Friday, 3/28/07 The six-step solution method, correct units and a reasonable number of significant digits (generally 3 or 4) are required for every problem solved in every homework assignment in this section of AEM 264. 1. The crankshaft rotates in the counter-clockwise (CCW) at 3200 RPM. The length of the crank offset from A to B is 2.0 inch. The length of the connecting rod from B to C is 4.0 inches. Draw this system full scale (either by hand or AutoCAD) and find the angular velocity of link BC by instant centers . If the angular acceleration of link AB is -10 rad/s 2 , what is the angular acceleration (magnitude and direction) for the connecting rod BC at the given position? What is the linear acceleration of the piston at C?
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Unformatted text preview: 2. If the velocity of point B is 26 inch/sec upwards, and the acceleration of point B is 10 inch/sec 2 downwards and the length of the bar AB is 37 inches, • find the linear velocity of point A and the angular velocity ω of the bar. • find the linear acceleration of point A and the angular acceleration α of the bar. 3. The angular velocity of link CD is a constant 4.0 rad/sec. Find the angular velocities, AB ω and BC using instant centers . Find the angular velocities, AB α and BC using equations . from Engineering Mechanics: Statics and Dynamics by R.C. Hibbeler, MacMillan, 1974 Note – points A and D are at the same vertical location. Link AB is 12 inches long. 35° ω i v v A A r r = j v v B B r r = A B o 45...
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