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AEM 264-003/901 Homework #19 4/11/07 Due: Monday, 4/16/07 The six-step solution method, correct units and a reasonable number of significant digits (generally 3 or 4) are required for every problem solved in every homework assignment in this section of AEM 264. 1. A 200 N force is applied to a sliding 50 kg uniform panel as shown. The coefficient of kinetic friction is 0.15. What are the maximum and minimum heights (measured from the floor) at which this force can be applied if the panel is not to tip? 2. A truck accelerates to the right with a large crate on the back as shown below. The crate is made of a uniform material and weighs 500 lb, Find the least amount of time that the truck can take to accelerate from rest to a speed of 45 mph without tipping the crate.
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Unformatted text preview: Note that the crate rests against a small bar attached to the truck bed and thus tipping does not rely on friction. 6 ft 2 ft 3. The thin plate that is 0.6m tall and 0.3m wide has a mass of 10 kg. The plate is supported in static equilibrium by two equal length (and parallel) massless links AB and CD and a cord EF. What is the acceleration of the center of mass of the plate and the tension in the links AB and CD immediately after the cord at EF is cut? Note that the angular velocity of the links AB and CD will be zero immediately after the cord is cut, but the angular acceleration will not be zero. A B C D 0.5m E F 0.5m 0.2m 0.2m 20 1.2 m 0.5 m x y P h...
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