Midterm12006 - ENGR 225 Recitation _ 8:30-9:45 Sears 435 _...

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ENGR 225 Name ____________________________________ Recitation Midterm 1, September 24, 2004 _____ 8:30-9:45 Sears 435 _____ 10:00-11:15 Sears 435 _____ 1:15-2:30 Bingham 304 _____ 1:15-2:30 Olin 314 Short answer (2 pts. Each, for T/F and multiple choice circle the best answer of the choices given, fill in the blank must be completed with a meaningful word or phrase) 1. T F It is not perfectly true that mass is always conserved since it can be converted to energy, but it is quite nearly so and that makes it a good approximation. 2. The first law of thermodynamics is a statement that _________________ is conserved. 3. A “control volume” is equivalent to a) a closed system b) an isolated system c) an open system d) the surroundings e) all of the above 4. T F Properties depend on the state of the system. 5. A property that is dependent on the size of the system is termed a ___________________ property. 6. The inverse of density is a) specific volume b) enthalpy c) specific gravity d) none of the above 7. T F A system may be in thermal equilibrium, but not be in mechanical equilibrium 8. The _____________ of a simple compressible system is completely specified by two independent, intensive properties. 9. The idea of “simple compressible system’ neglects the presence of effects due to a) magnetic forces b) gravity c) inertia d) surface tension e) all of the above 10. T F A “process” is a change, or series of changes, that take a system from one equilibrium state to another.
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Midterm12006 - ENGR 225 Recitation _ 8:30-9:45 Sears 435 _...

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