Midterm12007 - ENGR 225 September 28, 2007 Name _...

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ENGR 225 Name ___________________________ September 28, 2007 Recitation: 8:30___;10:15; ___1:15___ Short answer (2 pts. Each, for T/F and multiple choice circle the best answer of the choices given , fill in the blank must be completed with a meaningful word or phrase) 1. The science of energy, with a focus on its conversion between different forms, is ______________. 2. T F An imaginary surface can be serve as a useful boundary between a system and its surroundings. 3. If mass cannot cross a system’s boundary, but energy can – it is termed a a) open system b) closed system c) isolated system d) control volume e) none of the above 4. Two examples of intensive properties are pressure and temperature, a third is______________. 5. T F All states are equilibrium states. 6. Types of equilibria include a) thermal b) mechanical c) phase d) all of the above e) none of the above 7. The state of a simple compressible system is completely determined by ______________ independent intensive variables. 8. T F The rate at which a process occurs does not affect the thermodynamic state that results because thermodynamics is only concerned with energy changes not the rate of change. 9. When a process proceeds in such a manner that the system remains infinitesimally close to an equilibrium state at all times, it is called a) adiabatic b) isothermal c) quasi-equilibrium d) equilibrium e) none of the above 10. The product ρ gh yields ______________ and has units of kJ/m 3 . 11.
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This test prep was uploaded on 04/08/2008 for the course ENGR 225 taught by Professor Landau during the Fall '08 term at Case Western.

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Midterm12007 - ENGR 225 September 28, 2007 Name _...

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