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MAT 222Week 2 Discussion 14/24/14 Jody Christiansen During this week’s discussion we were asked to incorporate the following vocabulary words to show how we understand their meaning pertaining to our math work. Compound Inequalities And Or Intersection Union I will be using two specific math problems shown below that have been assigned to me since my last name starts with “C”. Problem #1 My “andcompound inequality. The inequality has three parts so I will now subtract 2 from each part. I now need to divide all three parts by 8. My final answer for the given inequality. This means that the inequality will remain true so long as the value of x is greater than -1.5 and less than 2. The compound inequalityof is shown algebraically. To further express the inequality as an intersectionof sets it will look like this: or [-1.5, 2] in the interval notation. Below is the solution set shown on a numbered line graph to
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