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bio research paper

bio research paper - Freshman Fifteen Avoiding Weight Gain...

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Freshman Fifteen: Avoiding Weight Gain At College Concepts of Biology Zoe Reinhard There is a fine line between truth and what we believe, and fact and fiction work as a team. It is believed that gaining fifteen pounds is a regular part of beginning college - known as the Freshman Fifteen. In my first weeks at Northland I’ve actually managed to lose weight. Most people are not as fortunate as I am and gain the prerequisite fifteen pounds their first year of College. I analyzed the food available to the average Northland student to try to deduce whether or not it was possible to continue on my track away from the Freshman Fifteen or if I was headed on a fast path towards twenty something obesity. The food available at the Northland College cafeteria is fried or seemingly inedible, not gaining weight seems like a long shot without giving up use of my taste buds, or making my own food. In this paper I will investigate the probable causes of the Freshman Fifteen, the reality of eating at college, and how I hope to continue having my moderate waist line. One of the reasons so many college students gain weight in their first year of college is that they are making nutritional choices for themselves for the first time and the stagnant nature of college life. Peggy Olicastro, Profesor of Nutritional Studies at Rutgers’ Cook College and co-
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author on a study of college weight gain said, “This (weight gain) may be associated with a decreased physical activity level, prompted by no longer participating in organized sports, having less leisure time than while in high school, or making less of an effort to stay active. In addition, significant dietary changes are occurring which may include an increased energy intake
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bio research paper - Freshman Fifteen Avoiding Weight Gain...

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