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SOLUTION In-Class Activity #18 1129/07 6:02 PM Activity 18.1 First Hour Operating system concepts 1. (10) List five different types of operating systems. Batch, Time-shared, Multiprogrammed, Virtual, Real-time Grading: 2 points for each correct type, 1 for each wrong. 2. (10) List five functions that all operating systems share. Process management, Main-memory management, File management, I/O system control, Command interpreter, Grading: 2 points for each function, 1 for each non-O/S function. 3. (10) What services can an operating system offer to its users? Program execution, I/O operations, File-system manipulation, Intra- and inter-computer communication, Error detection (both software and hardware) Grading: 2 points for each service, 1 for trying, 1 off for application programs. 4. (5) Give three examples of system calls. Any three examples that represent process control, file manipulation, device manipulation, information maintenance, or communications. Grading: 1 points for each correct call, plus 2 for trying.
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InClassActivity18-sol - SOLUTION In-Class Activity #18...

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