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'Open Lecture' Quiz #3 your name:_____________________________ ID#__________________ Of the three basic classes of rock, __ sedimentary ____ rocks are by far the least common in the Earth, comprising only a small fraction of the upper crust. When they are buried to more than 10 or 15 km, they commonly change to ___ metamorphic ____ rocks. The changes in sediments after deposition, called ___ diagenesis ____ includes both the recrystallization of less stable minerals into more stable ones and ___ lithification ___ (in which a rock is compacted under pressure and its grains are ____ cemented ______ together by ions from the pore fluids). Sedimentary rocks can be thought of as either chemical (once having been __ in solution _____) or detrital (having been transported as __ solid particles __). The main components of detrital sediment (clay, quartz, feldspars, micas) are, not surprisingly, what you get from eroding rocks of ___ granitic ________ composition (and from their weathering products). Particles (clasts) are defined by their size (boulder, ___ cobble ___, pebble, granule, sand, silt, and clay).
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