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'Open Lecture' Quiz #5 your name:_______ Answers ___________ ID#__________________ Seismic waves in the Earth are ____ elastic _____ waves; they propagate within the body of the Earth as body waves or along the surface as surface waves. Surface waves are either Love waves (polarized horizontal and propagation, or ____ Rayleigh _____ waves (polarized in a vertical ellipse including the direction of propagation). Because P-waves travel faster than S-waves, the gap in time between their arrival at a seismic station can tell the ___ distance ___ . Using __ 3 __ stations, it is possible to determine the epicenter (latitude & longitude) of the earthquake, or the focus (the latitude, longitude, and __ depth __ ). The size of an earthquake can be measured in terms of local shaking (a rough scale of damage given by Roman numerals) called the modified Mercalli scale of __ intensity ____ . On the other hand, ____ magnitude _____ is a logarithmic scale of the true size of an earthquake. The seismic _____
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