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GEO 102 TEST #1 Multiple-Choice Section Answers version # answers your name: First then Last your ID# 1) The presence of water causes the melting temperatures of rocks to ___________ B A) stay the same B) decrease C) reverse D) increase E) oscillate 2) Pyroclastic textures are associated with ____________ C A) intrusive igneous rocks B) non-silicate minerals C) extrusive igneous rocks D) metamorphic rocks E) sedimentary rocks 3) New Hampshire is called 'The Granite State'. Apparently, it had lots of _______ B A) mafic intrusions triggering silicic extrusions B) silicic intrusions C) silicicic extrusives D) mafic intrusions E) mafic extrusions 4) The core B A) is hydrogen-rich B) is iron-rich C) is silicate D) is granitic E) is porous 5) Most of the solar system and the universe are made of ____ A A) hydrogen B) iron C) oxygen D) silicon E) helium 6) The mantle is _____________ A A) convecting B) porous C) hydrogen-rich D) E) liquid 7) As a magma cools and minerals freeze out, the remaining melt becomes ____ B A) more mafic B) more silicic C) less viscous D) more dense E) tasty 8) If something is viscous ______________ A A) it is resistant to flow under stress B) it melts easily C) it contains a large component of volatiles D) it flows easily under little stress E) it contains a great deal of void space between grains 9) Continental crust is largely _________________ E A) basaltic B) ultramafic C) non-silicate D) convecting E) granitic 10) The key local tectonic events happened in the order: E A) nothing much ever happened around here B) C) D) E) the Grenville, Taconic, Acadian, & Alleghenian orogenies, then rifting to form the Atlantic
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Test_1_MC_section_answers - GEO 102 version # TEST #1...

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