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Neurotransmitter Precursors Production Sites Pathways Receptors Behavioral Correlates Acetylcholine- Ach (biogenic amine) Choline+ Acetyl CoA+CAT=Ach Nucleus Basalis of Meynert, Septal Nuclei -Basal Forebrain from Meynert to limbic and cortex -Tegmental Nuclei to thalamus, Ret Form, Cerebellum, -Neuromuscular Junction in PNS Ionotropic- nicotinic -to ventral tegmentic (dopamine) and at neuromusc. junc Metabotropic- muscarinic learning, memory, attention, neuromuscular function, Alzheimers -acetylcholinesterase breaks it down- Serotonin- 5-HT (monoamine) Tryptophan 5 hydroxy tryptophan 5-HT Raphe Nuclei in the Medulla and Pons -B8 Limbic System -B7 Striatum, Cerebellum, Cerebral Cortex, and Thalamus -Descending component to Spinal Cord -many -most are inhibitory and metabotropic -regulation of mood, control of eating, onset of sleep, control of pain -ecstacy, LSD, shrooms, SSRIs Dopamine- DA (catecholamine) Tyrosene L-Dopa DA VTA, Substantia Nigra Nigrostriatal Pathway, Mesolimbic and Mesocortical
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