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Write Up Guide - Guidelines for Writing a Formal Lab...

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Tim Brunker Page 1 Last modified 9/13/2006 Guidelines for Writing a Formal Lab Report: CH109 Fall Semester 2006 Formal lab reports should convey as clearly as possible to the reader what you have done and what you found out, so that they may repeat it (if they wish) and so that they can independently analyze your data, results and conclusions. When writing your report stick to the page limits that are set as failure to do so will result in a loss of points for that section: scientific journal articles and grant proposals can be rejected if they exceed word limits or other guidelines. The key to effective scientific writing is to be clear and concise. Extra words will not produce extra points! Reports follow a regular structure to make it easy for the reader to follow. A typical format for a chemistry lab report is given below, although the instructor may alter the specific requirements depending on the actual lab experiment. Title (1 point ) This should be specific and informative. A title such as “Acid-base Titrations” is too vague and not useful, but “The Determination of the pKa’s of Phosphoric Acid by titrations with a 0.1 M Solution of Sodium Hydroxide” makes it clear what is going to be described in the report. ( limit - 1 sentence ) Introduction (3 points) Give a statement of the objective of the lab and provide general background to the experiment. Explain any chemical principles that are associated with the experiment and be sure to back up your statements with references. Do not just regurgitate the introductory material on the lab handout. ( limit - 1 page ) Experimental (4 points)
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Write Up Guide - Guidelines for Writing a Formal Lab...

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