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FinalExamSAv1 - 2 The high(a of oxygen atoms causes...

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Exam Name___________________________________ SHORT ANSWER. Write the word or phrase that best completes each statement or answers the question. 1) To test the effect of trypsin in pH 9 buffer on the activity of the enzyme lactase, you would compare the rates of reaction at pH 9 with and without the addition of trypsin. The solution with the trypsin in it is the (a) ______ and the tube without trypsin is the (b) ______ . A cuvette that contains 3.9 ml of Z buffer, 0.1 ml of distilled water, 0.5 ml ONP - G, and 0.5 ml Na 2 CO 3 is called the (c)______ . The null hypothesis for this experiment is that (d) ______ . 1) a. b. c. d. Answer: (a) experimental solution, (b) control solution, (c) blank, (d) trypsin does not affect the rate of reaction of lactase 2)
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Unformatted text preview: 2) The high (a) ______ of oxygen atoms causes covalent bonds between oxygen and most other atoms to be (b) ______ . 2) a. b. Answer: (a) electronegativity, (b) polar 3) The ability of a genetic trait to be passed from parents to offspring is called ______ . 3) Answer: heritability 4) Na and Cl form a chemical bond in which an electron is (a) ______. This type of chemical bond is called a(n) (b) ______ bond. 4) a. b. Answer: (a) completely transferred from Na to Cl, (b) ionic 5) The reaction in which a nucleotide is added to a growing RNA molecule is a(n) (a) _______ reaction, and it is coupled to a(n) (b) ______ reaction to make the overall reaction exergonic. 5) a. b. Answer: (a) endergonic, (b) exergonic 1...
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