Polle WKST 39 - THE PAPER CRANE Author: Molly Bang...

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2004 WNYPBA. All rights reserved. READING RAINBOW TEACHER’S GUIDE Program #39 — The Paper Crane THE PAPER CRANE Author: Molly Bang Publisher: Greenwillow THEME: A story about a paper crane and an exploration of Japanese folk art give us a chance to experience a sample of Japanese culture. PROGRAM SUMMARY: A mysterious man enters a restaurant and pays for his dinner with a paper crane that magically comes alive and dances. Surrounded by lush gardens of Gasho of Japan in Central Valley, New York, LeVar dons a kimono and steps into the enchanting world of Japan, exploring the artistry of a Japanese veg- etable carver and the art of origami. He takes a side trip to see how paper can be made out of old blue jeans, then joins Soh Daiko, an energetic and colorful group of Japanese drummers and dancers, as they perform the celebratory “festival of the drums.” TOPICS FOR DISCUSSION: Invite students to share times in which they felt “lucky.” What caused them to feel that way? Discuss good luck symbols (e.g., a four-leaf clover, rabbit’s foot, etc.). Ask students if they have any personal good luck charms. One of the themes of the story, The Paper Crane , is that kindness is reward- ed. Ask students if there have been instances in their lives in which they have been rewarded for showing kindness. Discuss types of rewards other than tangible ones. Before viewing the program, locate Japan on a map of the world and discuss with students what they know about the country. CURRICULUM EXTENSION ACTIVITIES: Increase appreciation for the story by sharing the following information about the development of the book with the class. Early versions of the book did not have a child as one of the characters. Molly Bang’s editors suggested that she include one. After she added the boy, she felt that the story had two
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Polle WKST 39 - THE PAPER CRANE Author: Molly Bang...

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