here breeding livestock or plants breeding humans

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Unformatted text preview: son" You can take advantage of this even if you don't know why it works 10 Natural Selection... Genetic differences different traits Physical traits vs. Behavioral traits Random mutations provide new characteristics Some traits are better for survival... Natural Selection... "Survival of the fittest..." Or "Survival of the fit enough" Traits selected for vs. selected against Biological Success 1. Survive 2. Reproduce ...and offspring can survive alone Biological Success = survival of your genes, and hence your species, not YOU! 11 Natural Selection of Behavior Examples: The fearful antelope The aggressive male tiger If behavior has a genetic component... behaviors that promote the survival of self and offspring should be selected for Behaviors that promote reproductive success should be selected for Other Examples... Altruism Selfish antelope vs. Altruistic antelope Which behavior is going to be selected for? 1. 2. 3. Pure Altruism Limited Altruism Pure Selfishness 12 Other Examples... Mate Selection in humans What do women want? Why? What do men want? Why? Empirical Evidence... David Buss (1994) 10,000 people, 37 cultures More important for men or women? Good financial prospects of mate? Women in 36 out of 37 cultures Ambition and industrious of mate? Women in 29 out of 37 cultures Physical attractiveness...
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