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This has lead some to think about the issue as a one

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Unformatted text preview: o think about the issue as a one sided figure... Genetics Basics: What is genetics? What are chromosomes? What are genes? 3 Mitosis...Meiosis 2 copies of each gene/chromosomes Each copy = an allele Mitosis copies both alleles Meiosis only one copy used (used to create sperm and egg cells) Not all Genes are used All cells have all of your genes, but they are not all expressed. EX: What do liver cells do with the gene that code for eye color? Most cells only use a portion of the available genes The majority of your genes are used only in neuron cells Dominant vs. Recessive traits Genotype vs. Phenotype 4 Heredity Involves Passing along Genes Gregor Mendel identified dominant and recessive patterns of inheritance: DNA DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) Sequence of nucleotide bases (A, G, T, C) Section of code = a gene Instructions for how to make a protein When these instructions are used, we say that gene is being "expressed" DNA RNA PROTEIN Proteins do the work Change the DNA, change the protein Good changes and Bad changes 5 Genes and Behavior? Gene to Protein. Protein to Behavior?!? What is the evidence to support the connection? Instincts? Other studies Behavioral Genetics Identifying Genetic Effects 1. Adoption Method 2 siblings Raised by different parents 2. Twin Method Raised together Raised apart Monozygotic (MZ)...
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