Twin method raised together raised apart monozygotic

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Unformatted text preview: Identical Share 100% of genes Fraternal Like regular siblings Dizygotic (DZ) 6 Predicted correlational pattern (for degree of similarity in personality score) IF personality 100 % genetic Raised MZ Together 1.00 Apart IF personality 100% environmental 1.00 DZ 0.50 0.50 Raised MZ Together 1.00 Apart 0.00 DZ 1.00 0.00 Social and Environmental Contexts Influence Genetic Expression Stress Environmental factors can increase stress Stress increases production of certain hormones Stress can activate genes involved with production of those hormones Development of vision (and other things) The visual processing areas of the brain need visual input during develop properly. 7 Child Maltreatment, Criminality, and Gene Expression Low MAO gene High MAO gene Drosophila mutants Temperature gradient learning... Mutants Dunce, turnip, rutabaga, cabbage, amnesiac 8 Drosophila (fruit flies) Negative geotaxis: Away from gravity Positive geotaxis: Towards gravity Rat maze learning... 9 Evolutionary Psychology What is the relationship between genes and behavior? How do the principles of natural selection apply to behavior? Assumption: there is a connection Therefore, natural selection of behavior Selective Breeding "artificial selection" Offspring tend to share characteristics of the parents (nothing new here...) here... Breeding livestock or plants Breeding humans (choice of mate) "like father, like...
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