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PMT1W05 - Practice Midterm 1 Chem 6A DISCLAIMER AND WARNING...

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Practice Midterm 1 Chem 6A DISCLAIMER AND WARNING: This is a PRACTICE midterm for 6A; it shows representative question types you might expect to see on the real midterm, but, under NO circumstances, should this practice midterm be considered to an FAITHFUL representation of the real midterm . All the questions herein have come from actual midterms in the past but since the new book has coverage’s that are somewhat different there are topics I may test you on that are NOT represented here. There is NO nomenclature on this practice exam but there WILL be some on the real thing! Take this practice exam just like it were a real exam; give yourself 80 minutes to complete it. INSTRUCTIONS 1. Put your Name and ID number on this page. PUT THE SAME INFORMATION ON YOUR SCANTRON AS WELL. 2. A = 1 for your UCSD ID number; BUBBLE YOUR SEQUENCE NUMBER IN THE EXAM NUMBER FIELD 3. ALL MULTIPLE CHOICE ANSWERS GO ON YOUR SCANTRON; You may write on this exam. 4. When finished, place your scantron INSIDE this exam and turn both in 5. CLOSED BOOK EXAM. You are allowed only the periodic table and the cheat sheet provided. Non- graphing, non-programmable calculators are allowed but may NOT be shared. Violations will be treated with the harshest response allowed by the University. 6. SCANTRONS WILL NOT BE RETURNED KEEP YOUR EXAM COVERED AT ALL TIMES.
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VERSION A Part 1. Calculation/Short Answer Problems (Values as shown) . All work for the following must be done in THIS TEST BOOKLET. Answers with no work will receive zero points. Your work must be clear and logical AND SHOWN to
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