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Chemistry 6A: General Chemistry University of California, San Diego C. Hoeger Winter 2005 6A PRACTICE Midterm 1 120 pts This practice exam is the actual exam given in Winter of 2005. Students were given 80 minutes to complete it. Please note that some material on this exam (such as percent composition) were covered that year and may not have been in your particular quarter, while other things (such as moles) were. NO ANSWERS WILL BE PROVIDED
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Version B Page 2 of 6 CALCULATION QUESTIONS (Pts as listed) . All work goes on this exam. Show all work to receive any credit. No work = no points. 1B. (15 pts) The Group VII elements (the “halogens”) are some of the most reactive elements in the periodic table; conversion of elements into their halide forms is quite often used as a key starting point for studying various chemical properties of that element. During one such experiment, 3.920 grams of pure tungsten (W) provided 6.353 grams of a fluoride of tungsten. Given that the approximate molar mass of this compound is about 300. g/mol, calculate both its empirical and molecular formula. 2B. Dr. Ima Phool has postulated that there is a new, undiscovered particle (the ‘caymuson’) that is also present in the outer shells of an atom and that this particle behaves (from a quantum mechanical standpoint) much like an electron, despite it being one-third the mass. Given that the mass of the caymuson is 3.0365 × 10 –31 kg calculate the following: a) (7 pts)
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real2005PMT1 - Chemistry 6A: General Chemistry C. Hoeger...

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