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PLEASE READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY BEFORE STARTING! 1. You will have 25 minutes to complete the quiz once you have started it. 2. Quiz is worth 10 points total 3. You may ONLY use the periodic table attached to this document. 4. All work is to be your own. 5. You must know your UCSD ID to receive full credit. 6. Once you have answered a question or moved to the next question YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO GO BACK. 7. Remember to hit the Save Answer button after each question. 8. To write a chemical formula: since you cannot subscript, it will be assumed that a number following anything is a subscript. Thus, Cr(NO 2 ) 2 would be written Cr(NO2)2. It is important that you use uppercase letters when appropriate: cr(no2)2 or CR(NO2)2 are both wrong! 9. When writing a name from a chemical formula it does NOT matter whether you use upper or lower case but you must follow the following: Type I or III compounds: <name>space<name>: sodium chloride or diphosphorous monosulfide Type II compounds: <name>space<(roman numeral in parentheses)>space<name>: chromium (II) nitrite 10. Good luck!
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RelativeResourceManager-7 - Nomenclature Quiz Instructions...

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