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1 Math 10A Midterm 1 Review Session Time: 7:00pm-8:00pm Date: Jan. 30 th , 2008 Location: Center 216 The exam will consist of approximately 5 complete answer questions (10 points each) . Many questions are quite similar to the practice midterm and other assigned homework/review problems. Maybe you should look back over those… You will be allowed a calculator on the exam, so please bring one. There is no restriction on what you can bring, but you will not need anything more powerful than a TI-83. (You can probably get away with just a TI-34, actually.) You should bring a number two pencil. (You can bring more than one if you feel so inclined.) You will need to bring your own reference sheet for the exam. You can put whatever you feel is important on it (see the rest of this document for ideas.) Please, do not bring anything more than this. We reserve the right to place your backpacks in the front of the class (and probably will for the final exam). Also, you don’t need to worry about bringing a blue book, as you will be able to write directly on the exam. The exam will be held in class on Friday , February 1 st . It is going to be crowded and we are going to be extra vigilant on looking out for cheaters. If we catch you cheating, you will be referred to your college provost. It is even possible that you will be expelled from the university. Bottom line: Don’t cheat on this exam . Really, it’s not worth it. The test is designed to take about forty minutes. This means that you should have sufficient time to go back through your work and check your math. Remember, does your answer make sense? (Draw a picture/plug numbers in.) Solutions will be posted on my website http://math.ucsd.edu/~wgarner/math10a/winter2008/ some time after the exam so you can get a rough idea how you did. (Solutions should be up by Saturday evening, if not sooner.)
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2 Section 1.1: Functions and Change Know the formula for a linear function: y = mx + b , where m is the slope, b is y -int Given two points, know how to compute m , the slope. Know how to tell the difference between different lines (look at slopes/ y -int) Given a function, interpret its meaning -ex. If P ( x ) is the price of x units, what is the meaning of P -1 (200)? Sections 1.2 / 1.4: Exponential Functions / Logarithmic Functions Know the general exponential function: P = P 0 a t , where P 0 is the initial quantity, and a is the factor by which P changes when t increases by 1. Given two points on an exponential curve, find the equation -ex. f (1) = 12, f (3) = 108, find a formula for f ( t ) = Q 0 a t . -ex. The size of a bacteria colony grows exponentially as a function of time. If the size of the bacteria colony doubles every 3 hrs, how long will it take to triple? -ex. The fraction of a lake’s surface covered by algae was initially 0.42 and was halved each year since the passage of anti-pollution laws. How long after the passage of the law was only 0.07 of the lake’s surface covered with algae?
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exam1review - Math 10A Midterm 1 Review Session Time:...

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