Summary-Chaps1-11 - Chapter 1 Introduction and Review a The...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 1. Introduction and Review a. The electron confguration oF the elements and relate the electron confguration to valence electrons b. Ionic and covalent bonding c. Lewis structures For various organic molecules d. Structural Formulas, condensed structural Formulas and skeletal Formulas For organic molecules e. Resonance structures For molecules and ions, prediction oF the major contributor and determining the Formal charge(s) For each atom in the molecule or ion F. Acids and bases based on Arrhenius, Lowry-Bronsted and Lewis defnitions and how each defnition relates to the others. Chapter 2. Structure and Properties of Organic Molecules a. Bond formation in terms of orbital overlaps b.The difference between atomic and molecular orbitals and its relationship to bond stability c. The hydridization and bond angles for each atom in a given molecule and the prediction of molecular geometry d. The relationship between bond length and orbital hybridization of atoms in a given molecule e. The different types of orbital overlaps in bond formation and the inFuence of overlaps on the shape of the molecules f. The de¬°nition of constitutional isomers and the ability to draw them from af....
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Summary-Chaps1-11 - Chapter 1 Introduction and Review a The...

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