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Banfield & Wilson Outline - 1. Branch Hospital Case - a...

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Unformatted text preview: 1. Branch Hospital Case - a pluralist analysis - the cycle of policy 1.Situation - 1954 1.The cook county hospital is extremely overcrowded. 2.For example, it was designed for 6,000 babies a year, but actually has 16,000: 3.Everyone agreed that the county hospital should be enlarged and improved 4.Formally, the issue was to be settled by a majority vote of the County Board. Really, it was settled by Daniel Ryan, who controlled the board. 2. Applying the Pluralist Analysis: 1. Interests, Groups that form from this interest, and why on earth they would want this. 1. Building a new wing onto the Cook County Hospital 1. Dan Ryan 1. Its the most politically feasible option, in his opinion 2. He is well respected in the community and has power because he has jobs to give out - a machine politician. 3. If the Welfare council had shown him why building a South Side branch hospital would help, or at least wouldnt hurt him politically, then he might have gone with them. 2. Dr. Karl A. Meyer 1. Medical superintendent of Cook County Institutions 2. In Meyers view, to build and operate a general hospital of good enough quality to attract an able medical staff would cost far more than it would cost to provide equivalent service at the West Side hospital. 3. Meyer agreed that a south side hospital should be built, but only in addition to, not in substitution for, expansion of the West Side plant. 4. In a sense, then, the decision rested with Meyer, since he could inuence Ryan, and Ryan could control the Board. 5. Good quote: We got nothing and they got nothing, Meyer remarked sourly after it was all over. 2. Building a new hospital on the South Side 1. The welfare council - The executive secretary of the health division was Al- exander Ropchan 2. Its an organization of organizations existing to coordinate public health and family welfare agencies. Mostly dominated by the middle class. 3. They think that the Cook County hospital is already too big to be administered, already causes trafc congestion, and the outpatient facilities were already too concentrated there... 4. Building a South Side hospital would create a hospital in the largely black south side and help alleviate these conditions. 3. Desegregating private Hospital s 1. Dr. Nathan Callaway & Dr. Edwin Berry 2. Dr. Calloway - president of the South Side branch of the Chicago Medical soci- ety and president of the Chicago Urban League. 3. Dr. Berry - executive director of the Chicago Urban League 4. They oppose the South Side Branch because it would in effect be segregated because whites would not use it PS0022 - Baneld & Wilson Outlines - Al Carter 5. They say the crowding could be alleviated by just de-segregating other hospi- tals and admitting blacks....
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Banfield & Wilson Outline - 1. Branch Hospital Case - a...

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