Sociology 15

Sociology 15 - 9-21-05Patrimonial societies were...

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Unformatted text preview: 9-21-05Patrimonial societies were transformed by writing. This enabled patrimonial societies to develop records. Written records are found as early as 3000 BCThe big advantage of writing: becomes the most crucial aid to memory (more than dancing, singing, etc of tribal society)Egypt has some of the 1st universities, li-braries, etc, where we see the tremendous increase in the volume of knowledge that comes with writing.The In a tribute driven economy when a man did not reach what his tribute was sup-posed to be, the land that the state gave him is taken away.By and by, most patrimonial societies were not democratic. Usually absolute monar-chies.The End of the Patrimonial SocietyHow can we account for the decline of the patrimonial societies and the rise of mod-ern societies?Modern societies only came about in the past 5,000 years. (The time frame b/t de-velopment of societies keeps on getting shorter) 90,000 - Tribal. 10,000 - patri-monial. 500 yrs. ago- modernThe only way to account for the birth of patrimonial and modern societies is warIt is in the struggle of two patrimonial socie-ties that we see the emergence of modern society. (Muslim & Christian world)From about 600AD the Islamic empire ex-pands rapidly - north africa, india, parts of europeBy 1350, the Islamic empire was the most dynamic in the worldChina hadnt really grown much, but its process of imperial expansion had come to a halt.If there was a revolt at the outer extremities of the empire, the message had to be got-ten by the imperial center.*Ilmaniel Wallersteed* came up with a g-ure: If it took the runner more than 6 days to get the message to the imperial center, then there is a good chance that they would loose the war.It is possibly for reasons of this type that the Chinese empire stopped expanding. The consequences of Islamic expansion was such that they controlled most of the major trade routes around the globe. - es-pecially to indiaIn 1300-1400, the market that everyone (especially Europeans) wanted to get to was the Indian marketIndia had many products like spices, cotton & cotton textiles, silk, sugar.As a patrimonial society, the Ottoman em-pire put taxes on the European traders to India.This was acceptable for a while b/c the trade routes were reasonable.Islam in Europe, however, was unaccept-able to Christian Europeans. We therefore had the Crusades, which succeed in doing so. - The 6 day calculation made it hard for the empire to defend its European hold-ings.The Ottoman empire retaliates by hiking taxes on European traders, and cutting off supplies of gold going to Europe from Ghana.This precipitated a major nancial crisis to Europe....
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Sociology 15 - 9-21-05Patrimonial societies were...

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