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Federalist 10 outline

Federalist 10 outline - EXAM OUTLINE FEDERALIST 10 and BOSS...

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EXAM OUTLINE FEDERALIST 10 and BOSS Federalist 10 outline/keys outline: Paragraph 1 keys: “mortal diseases under which governments everywhere have perished” instability injustice confusion. Faction: Number of people with a common interest/passion that go against the interests of the larger community Two ways to control factions: remove its causes or control its effects Ways to remove causes of factions: Destroy the liberty that is essential for its existence or give every citizen the same opinion “Liberty is to faction what air is to fire” you can’t prevent factions without preventing freedom, which is worse than the faction to begin with. “The latent causes of faction are sewn into the nature of Man” People can’t be allowed to judge their own causes…example, manufacturers cannot be left to be the judges of their own causes because they will be more interested in their individual good as opposed to the public good Here’s the point, The causes of faction cannot be removed so what we must do is control the effects. Pure democracy versus republic Pure democracy, cannot cure the “mischief’s of a faction” because it is too small—“there is nothing to check the inducements.” Also, people who advocate true democracy have “reduced mankind to a perfect in their political rights” but did not make the people equal in terms of possessions, opinions or passions… Madison does not advocate for pure democracy Instead: he advocates for a REPUBLIC Based on 1. Delegation of Government a. These small number of people are better able to protect the public good than a large number of people. (However, Madison admits that this could be inverted in its effect if someone of unscrupulous morals rose to a position of power. However, as a whole, these representatives are the better choice for 2 reasons. i. Representatives will be chosen from a large number of citizens and it will be “difficult for unworthy candidates to practices success”— I.e. Filter out the bad in the process of election… 1
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ii. Must have a certain number of representatives in the case that someone does get elected with interests in things other than the public good. iii. THIS IS KEY Madison makes his push for a federal constitution when he says that if you “enlarge the number of electors too much…you render the representatives too little acquainted with local circumstances…however, if the number of electors is too small, the representatives are too detached. Here’s the point: FEDERAL CONSTITUTION allows for both which is why Madison is pushing it because it applies to national, local and state legislatures. Extends the sphere 1. If you do this by forming a republic you “take in a greater variety of parties and interests; you make it less probable that a majority of the whole will have a common motive to invade the rights of other citizens. 2.
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Federalist 10 outline - EXAM OUTLINE FEDERALIST 10 and BOSS...

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