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Physical Activity Study Guide

Physical Activity Study Guide - exercise/competition lasts...

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Chapter 12—Study Guide PHS 102 Fall 2007 Concepts: What macronutrients are energy sources for activity? What macronutrient is not used as an energy source for activity? What are the percentages of macronutrients appropriate for those engaged in sports or regular exercise? How much protein do endurance athletes need each day? How much protein do strength athletes need each day? What is carbohydrate (or glycogen) loading? What is the appropriate fluid intake before exercise/competition? What is the appropriate fluid intake during exercise/competition? Is it different if the
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Unformatted text preview: exercise/competition lasts more than 1 hour? If so, how? What is the appropriate fluid intake post-exercise/competition? How much water/fluid must you consume for each pound of weight lost during exercise/competition? What types of fluids should be limited in athletes/exercisers? The requirements for which vitamins/minerals may be altered for athletes? What are the food sources for these vitamins/minerals? Be able to list and discuss/describe at least 3 deceptive marketing practices....
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