Music vs generations

Music vs generations - Music vs Generations There are many...

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Music vs. Generations There are many factors that change the way that generations behave differently from each other. As things such as television and music change gradually with time, so do the generations that watch and listen to them. The things that are shown in television have become more laid back with time. Changing drastically is also the lyrics of music today as well as the music that is played and the videos that are shown on T.V. Today more things are considered acceptable in today’s media. Over time it has continued to become more lenient and not necessarily in a good or modest way. Television is one thing that has really changed in the past generations. Networks have become more and more lenient with what they show on programs. In past years T.V was careful not to show actors and actresses sleeping in the same bed together. “ Most married TV couples were shown in the bedroom, and  sometimes in bed. But they were always in single beds, snuggled in but a good  five feet apart and separated by a nightstand and a distance of  carpet”(Robertson). Network programming was still very proper. There was no  sex, nudity or profanity. Even the word “pregnant” was a no-no”(Robertson).  Many family shows do a good job at making bedroom scenes more humorous than sexual to take the focus away from the sexual aspect of things. As time has passed it has become more expectable to see young people as well as adults sleeping together. Drinking was not a large part of the shows that were popular and 1
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women’s bodies were not nearly as exposed on everyday television. Throughout time cigarette add have been fazed out of television. No one is able to nationally
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Music vs generations - Music vs Generations There are many...

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