Music & Youth - Emily Haggard 10/2/06 Liba 102 Music's...

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Emily Haggard 10/2/06 Liba 102 Music’s effects on Youth’s Behavior and Attitude Youth in today’s society allow a lot of things to have an effect of the way that they act both around peers and in society. Artist today have more effect on youths behavior than they think. They accumulate ideas of how they are supposed to act by listening to the lyrics of their favorite songs. Sex, drugs, alcohol, and violence are sung about so often in songs that they have all become common and relaxed issues and acts among youth today. These are issues that should not be taken lightly, but now have a harmless and popular connotation. Youth today are doing drugs and having sex to soon and thinking that they are old enough and that they would have no consequences. They get these ideas from listening to the songs that are popular today. More and more youth today consider musicians their heroes (Media & Family). Different types of music have different effects on youth’s behavior, and are also used to intensify or change their moods. Music entertains, relaxes and excites people. The language and behavioral habits of youth are affected by the lyrics of the songs they listen to. They want to fit in or to be like the musicians that sing their favorite songs. Music also affects the way that young people talk to each other, the lyrics of songs contributes to the slang that they use from day to day. Slang words have become very popular through today’s music. The slang that appears in songs is becoming more used in everyday language. Slang can also get teenagers into trouble; a lot of slang words are
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offensive to certain groups of people. But because they are slang words teenagers do not see anything wrong with saying them over and over. The body language that they use, they pick up from watch music videos on television. This includes the way that they approach others, carry themselves, and interact with others. As many artists do, they may
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Music & Youth - Emily Haggard 10/2/06 Liba 102 Music's...

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