Race Experiment - Emily Haggard Soc 101 Gender and Race...

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Emily Haggard 3/23/06 Soc. 101 Gender and Race Across Generations I interviewed one male and one female both from a late generation, but one from the North and one from the South. The female grew up in Georgia throughout the 1915’s. She recalls that race was a big issue while she was growing up. Every African American worked for a white family. After white males turned a certain age, the African Americans referred to them as sir. There was never an African American that had a higher standing than a white male. Dating while she was growing up was much more laid back, but no one ever dated outside their race. There were all white schools and all African American schools. There were no real gender differences in the schools. If the women were not working around the house, they would have to help the males work in the cotton field. Men and women were treated about the same, but the women were expected to do more. The schools were segregated and the African Americans worked for the white families and were not treated as well as they should have been. On the other hand the male that I interviewed grew up in Boston in the 30’s. He grew up in the North where African Americans were not as common. In the town that he grew up in there was only one African American; it was a male that worked for a wealthy white family. There were a few African Americans in the school that he attended. He recalls that race was not a big deal, but there was almost no interaction between the two races. The amount of African Americans in the media they both think has inclined drastically
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Race Experiment - Emily Haggard Soc 101 Gender and Race...

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