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Emily Haggard Liba 102 11/8 Man in Black Johnny Cash was a small town boy that grew up in South Central Arkansas. The poverty stricken Cash family had no idea that there son would soon grow up to become one of the most well respected singer songwriters in the history of country music. Cash had many accomplishments in his lifetime and continues to receive recognition for his amazing talent. Johnny Cash is known as nothing less than a legend for everything that he accomplished in his life and the impact that he had on the world of music in today’s world. Johnny grew up in a small town as the son of a farmer and odd job laborer. Music was a large part of Johnny’s life when he was young. Growing up he loved to listen to the radio. The hymns that workers sang in the fields were another type of music that Johnny grew up listening to and enjoyed very much. His favorite types of music were always country and blue grass. By combining his favorite types of music Cash composed his first song by the age of twelve. Later, Johnny enlisted in the air force right out of high school. “He was stationed in Germany. Johnny took his first guitar with him and started his first band while in Germany” (CMT). “Johnny Cash was married in 1954 to a young woman named Liberto” (CMT). They soon settled in Memphis, where for the mean time Cash would settle with having the odd job of an appliance salesman until his music career would skyrocket and change their simple lifestyle. Johnny’s career got started in 1954. Around this time Cash auditioned for Sam Phillips at Sun Records. Cash went to the audition with the intention of recording a few simple gospel songs. Sam Phillips saw more in Johnny Cash and urged him to go 1
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farther in his career. His song “Cry, Cry, Cry” was his first single that got him national
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Johnny Cash - Emily Haggard Liba 102 11/8 Man in Black...

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