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Emily Haggard Sociology 101 2/28/06 Above and Beyond “Food” I agree with the nutrition facts that are brought up in this article. I think that cloth bags are a good idea for grocery stores because they are the only good alternative for the environment. If the public understood how much the simple act of switching to cloth bags at the grocery store would help our environment, more people would be inclined to find a way to use them. Using cloth bags would be a little something that everyone could do and would be willing to do to help the environment. From watching TV more people come to believe that is more popular and socially excepted to be thin. But most people come up with the unhealthiest ways to achieve their goal of being thin. We think that we can go to Wal-Mart and buy some “healthy” foods, and that we will eventually become healthy and loose a large amount of weight. The only problem with this assumption is that no one bothers to ask or find out where exactly these foods come from.
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