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Emily Haggard Sociology 101 2/28/06 Above and Beyond The points that are brought up in this article are good ones that most people don’t usually think about. The statistics that were presented in the article surprised me. I don’t think that college students in general are educated enough about the rape instances that occur on their campus. I think that more than enough all that women college students hear about are the safe aspects of college life. I can believe that fraternities are responsible for most of the rapes that occur on college campuses. But I also think that the fraternity itself is what makes the most impact on males and the way that they think about rape. Once guys enter college the friends that they make have the most influence on what they think is socially acceptable. They are put in this new situation and their views on things change because of the new people that they are now with all the time. In fraternities I think that sex is considered cool because
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