3 Kingdoms

3 Kingdoms - November 13 Liu Bei looks very special; all...

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November 13 - Liu Bei looks very special; all heroes are believed to look different - Leader of brotherhood; bloodline traces back to 2 nd  emperor in the Han Dynasty - government - Chang Chueh started yellow scarves rebellion to start his own dynasty - Yellow: wrap their heads in yellow cloth, Chinese believe 4 energies. - Another belief is 5 Phases: Wood   Fire   Earth   Metal   Water   Wood - Han is considered fire(red), and he is going to find a new age that follows Earth(yellow) - Yellow scarves were put down in the end; 3 brothers fought together and put down  rebellion - Reform is needed over rebellion, because he was patriotic  Liu Bei - Liu Bei (Oldest)   Kuan Yu (2 nd  Chang Fei (Youngest) - Ts’ao Ts’ao put down the rebellion to try and advance himself - Ts’ao Ts’ao very cruel, temperamental, and always wants to be on top - Imperial hunt, he talks emperor into calling the hunt; all the officials will join - He can show off to everyone how he dominates the emperor,  he can do anything he  likes - He rides abreast with the emperor, disrespect; takes emperors bow and kills the animal - Ts’ao Ts’ao keeps the bow; Kuan Yu is furious when he observes this - Emperor resents Ts’ao Ts’ao’s disrespect for him; he dominated the emperor - Emperor became a puppet to Ts’ao Ts’ao; had emperor in his pocket - Happens often, where Emperor becomes the puppet to another figure - Ts’ao Ts’ao claims loyalty to the emperor; Novelists disagree
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- Emperor hides hidden message written in his blood inside the robe and gives it to Tung Ch’eng - Plot against Ts’ao Ts’ao; Liu Bei, Chi P’ing and Yuan Shao all join this plot - Liu Bei retires from military life and becomes a gentleman farmer; for the plot - Ts’ao Ts’ao says only equal are Liu Bei and Ts’ao Ts’ao - He is nervous and drops chopsticks; blame thunder - Ts’ao Ts’ao will kill his equal; - Hero: Decisive, high ambition, encompass the universe, will to swallow empire or spit it out; make personal sacrifice; disdain for small advantages; No Discussion of LOYALTY/ KINDNESS/MERCY/KNIGHT ERRANT - Ts’ao Ts’ao kills everyone who has ties to Tung Ch’eng and Chi P’ing anyone in the plot - Tung Ch’eng sister is killed, everyone related to family must be killed; legal doctrine - Temporary service under Ts’ao Ts’ao; is Kuan Yu not loyal to the brotherhood? -
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3 Kingdoms - November 13 Liu Bei looks very special; all...

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