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Psych. 1 - with your evidence Does rain cause more people...

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Jonathan Roth Fall 2007 General Psychology 114C Professor Traci Homework Assignment #1 1. The evidence presented in this article is extremely weak for proposing a case. The article says that in the areas that autism has risen, there has also been a positive rise with amount of rain fall and higher amount of cable subscriptions. This could be wrong on many different levels. In order for them to make a direct correlation between amount of T.V. watched and autism, they would have to do a direct study between those two factors, there are too many variables that could affect your researcher just from basing it on assumptions. Certain factors such as mold formed from the rain could increase autism, which would then cause a problem
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Unformatted text preview: with your evidence: Does rain cause more people to watch T.V. and therefore cause autism? Or does mold cause autism? 2. When I first read the article, I thought the idea presented that T.V. causes autism is extremely possible. Given the right evidence, I probably would have been easily convinced. Throughout the article, I got the feel that the author did not agree with the Cornell economist. I tend to side with the author on that issue, I feel that the evidence is too weak for me to buy the idea. If they had showed more tests between direct relationship of time spent watching T.V. and autism....
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