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Pysch. research paper

Pysch. research paper - Jonathan Roth Pysch 114 Prof Traci...

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Jonathan Roth 10/2/07 Pysch. 114 Prof. Traci 1. The main research question is to see the relationship between sleep deprivation and the eating habits of humans. They wanted to see if sleep deprivation was a factor in what type of food you eat. They also wanted to know what type of food was chosen in accordance with their sleep deprivation. 2. When Wells and Cruess (2006) say “There is a negative association between amount of REM sleep and cortisol levels and a positive association between cortisol levels and calories consumed,” (p. 80) they mean the negative association is when the amount of REM sleep goes down then the amount of cortisol levels goes down, vice versa. In the positive association, the amount of cortisol levels goes up, and then the amount of calories consumed goes down, vice versa. 3. One of the hypotheses that Wells and Cruess gave was that the sample group would consume different amounts of calories after the night of partial sleep. They
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