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Physical Properties - Physical Properties: Determining...

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Physical Properties: Determining Melting Points and Boiling Points Jacob Rietschy Chemistry 330 9/30/07
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The melting points for crude and purified benzoic acid were determined. This was done by using a Mel-Temp apparatus to view the two compounds as they melted. The melting points were found to be 105.4 o C for pure benzoic acid and 104.3 o C for crude benzoic acid. Boiling point was then used to determine the identity of an unknown liquid. This was done by performing a simple distillation. After the distillation was completed the boiling point was found to be 115.7 o C. The unknown was found to be Methyl isobutyl ketone. Reactions/Mechanisms/Theory: Melting point is used to compare the pure and impure benzoic acid. The melting point can be used as a purity check for a sample. This is true because pure compounds have melting point ranges of less than 1 o C. Impure compounds will have melting points slightly lower than that of the pure compound. Boiling point can be used to identify an unknown substance because the boiling point of that unknown liquid can be compared to known boiling points of known liquids. Boiling points can also be used to compare one liquid with another. An apparatus for a simple distillation is
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Physical Properties - Physical Properties: Determining...

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