01 - Hsun Chu-Po Righteousness Chinese and non-Chinese...

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Unformatted text preview: August 30, 2007 Hsun Chu-Po Righteousness!! Chinese and non-Chinese conflict Mencius: people are born with righteousness. All we have to do is perfect it. We all develop a sense of shame and moral duty. Therefore we have to be conscious of what we do, because we’d be hit by sense of shame. We are all faithful to our friend. We don’t betray them. Story: Herdsmen in steplands from the north grew up with warfare and are good fighters. Chinese are comparatively more peaceful. Chinese were invaded by the tribes (cruel barbarians) Chinese towns were raided and everyone was killed. Hsun Chu-Po didn’t want to desert his friend, who was ill and in one of those towns. “It would not be a righteous thing to do” Willing to give up own life for someone else. [soldiers do that, but it’s hard for normal people to do so] For junzi, there are things more important than life itself being righteous Invaders are depicted to be morally inferior to Chinese (Hsun Chu-Po) Hsun Chu-Po depicts Chinese—people of great moral virtue People can change and be inspired to become righteous. Invaders are inspired by Hsun Chu-Po, sense of shame awakened. They spared Hsun Chu-Po and his friend’s lives and retrieved to their own land and stopped killing. Morality of Chinese can win the barbarians over and make them more humane. [CHINESE ARE MORALLY SUPERIOR!! HAHAHAHAHA] They can learn from Chinese. Eventually, a lot of those tribes did become won over by Chinese civilization [language, food etc] and became indistinguishable from Chinese themselves. (exception: Mongolia!) Wu Pao-an Righteousness and faithfulness Wu sacrificed for his friend, Kuo Chung-hsiang....
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01 - Hsun Chu-Po Righteousness Chinese and non-Chinese...

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