The Jones Reaction

The Jones Reaction - The Jones Reaction The Oxidation of...

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The Jones Reaction: The Oxidation of Borneol to Camphor Jake Rietschy Chemistry 330 Nate Ware
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Introduction: Borneol was oxidized to camphor using the Jones reagent. The product was purified using sublimation and was characterized with melting point and IR spectroscopy. 0.12g of borneol was collected at the end and was found to have a melting point of 156 o C using the Mel-Temp apparatus. An IR of borneol was ran. Reactions/Mechanisms/Theory: Reduction and oxidation reactions are two major types of reactions in organic chemistry. Reduction reactions are characterized by a gaining of electrons and a reduction in oxidation number. Oxidation reactions are reactions that are characterized by a loss of electrons and a gaining in oxidation number. They are reactions in which oxygen is inserted into a bond, hydrogen is lost across a bond or a more electronegative atom replaces a carbon or hydrogen. A group of oxidation reactions uses several forms of chromium as the oxidizing agent and are known as Jones oxidations. The chromium reagents most commonly used are CrO 3 /H + ; H 2 CrO 4 ; Cr 2 O 7 2- /H + . They are known as the Jones reagents and all have chromium in the +6 oxidation state. In the oxidation of borneol, a mixture of sodium dichromate,
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The Jones Reaction - The Jones Reaction The Oxidation of...

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