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Sodium Borohydride Reduction

Sodium Borohydride Reduction - Sodium Borohydride Reduction...

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Sodium Borohydride Reduction: The Conversion of Benzophenone to Diphenylmethanol Jacob Rietschy Chemistry 330 Nate Ware 11/19/07
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Introduction: Benzophenone was converted to diphenylmethanol using sodium borohydride as a reducing agent. The solid product of the reduction reaction was purified using recrystallization. It was also characterized using melting point and IR. The final weight of the product was 3.13g, and the melting point was found to be 58 o C using the Mel-Temp apparatus. The percent yield was 29.6%. Reactions/Mechanisms/Theories: Reduction reactions are one of the major classes of reactions in organic chemistry. They are the opposite of oxidation. Reduction reactions can be determined by looking for: a loss of oxygen from a bond, the addition of hydrogen to a bond or the replacement of a more electronegative atom with carbon or hydrogen. Reduction reactions result from a gaining of electrons and the subsequent reduction in oxidation number. There are different methods of reductions in use in organic chemistry today. A general method of reduction is hydrogenation which reduces most types of multiple bonds. A more specific reduction method involves hydride transfer reagents which only carbonyl groups are reduced. This specific reduction uses sodium borohydride as the reducing agent. The sodium borohydride adds a hydrogen to a bond of benzophenone, showing that it is a reduction reaction. HCl is used as an acid to donate an H to the molecule to make it diphenylmethanol.
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Sodium Borohydride Reduction - Sodium Borohydride Reduction...

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