Terrorism Chapter 4 notes

Terrorism Chapter 4 notes - Chapter 4 "The Dual...

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Chapter 4 “The Dual Reality” ---- Group 5 ---Terrorism against the state and terrorism by the state ~Terrorism is the calculated use of violence for political ends against civilian society to induce wide spread fear ---Leaderless Resistance ~To Avoid Detection -Dismantle the group -Create small autonomous cells -ALF and ELF, two organizations, animal and environment organizations ---Lone Wolf ~Term coined in “Hunter ” Andrew McDonald ~Individual can kill Jews and persons of color in the name of white supremacy ~Timothy McVeigh (1995) ~Donald Jackman (2000) ---Religion and Terror ~Eight century Balkan peninsula -Christians and Muslims clash violently -1054 split between Roman Catholics and Eastern Orthodox churches fight each other under the same God ---Two types of terrorism 1. Killing based – deity would assist the community in times of crisis 2. Non-killing based – evolved from the killing based to handle everyday experiences. ---Two spheres of human experience 1. Ordinary – language and logic to describe 2. Extraordinary – symbols and myths to describe _Humans express their spiritual nature in symbols and myths _Are limited to explain them, problem occurs when everyday language is employed to talk about mystical experiences, resulting in literal interpretations ---“The Turner Diaries ~Official of The Order gives Turner “The Book” ~makes him have a religious experience that he is unable to explain ~kills racial and ethnic “inferiors” ---Huntington’s Clash of Civilizations ~Samuel P. Huntington – Harvard 1993 -Theory of conflict --Huntington’s Conflict Theory ~Eight primary cultural paradigms ~individuals share similar -beliefs -values -attitudes ---8 cultural paradigms 1. Western 2. Confucian 3. Japanese
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4. Islamic 5. Hindu 6. Slavic-Orthodox 7. Latin America 8. African ---Problems facing American Law Enforcements 1. America – target cecause religious based terrorists believe the US has a presence in areas in violation of a sacred norm 2. Because of lax immigration laws, the potential of terrorists entering the country
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Terrorism Chapter 4 notes - Chapter 4 "The Dual...

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