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Table of Contents Introductory Works 1. Statement of Teaching Philosophy 2. Original Goals and Fears free write Field Work Experiences and Exercises (First Tab) 1. Copy of the Thank you letter to our supervising teacher, Ms. Hannah Jensen 2. Supervising teacher/IA teacher-learner contract 3. Logs 1-7 4. Original Spinal Tap episode description In Class Teaching Experiences and Exercises (Second Tab) 1. Peer Teaching Paper Beautiful Bracelets! 2. Paired Teaching Lesson Plan
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Unformatted text preview: Rock Band! 3. Lesson plan from Good Teaching Made Better exercise Wonder Be Gone! 4. Debates 1-7 free writes (including the cases) 5. Common features of teaching writing exercise The Winter that Changed My Life 6. Group Scavenger Hunt 7. Freaks and Geeks writing exercise Freaks or Geeks? 8. Characteristics of an effective mathematics teacher 9. Corrective actions employed by teachers...
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