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EreserveHW1 - Terms Even if every word and term are part of...

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E-Reserves Article # 1 Ryan Iwanejko ED 110 1/28/08 Title: Why Go To School? Author(s): Wolk, Steven Journal: Phi Delta Kappan Date: May 2007 Page(s): 10 Main ideas : In two or three sentences, state the main points of the article. Be complete. In other words, don’t write that the article is about something, but summarize what the author is actually saying. We need to stop feeding our students unnecessary work, and focus on learning things that can benefit them in more than one way. We should want our children to think outside the box, instead of thinking on terms of only what they learn Specifics: Tell the facts, such as who, what, etc. Important facts can explain or support the main points of the article. The beginning of the article explains how we are being passed by other countries. This is happening since we as Americans dumb down things we teach, instead of having a curriculum that is solid, its more flexible to the children and their behaviors.
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Unformatted text preview: Terms: Even if every word and term are part of your working vocabulary, select at least four important terms and define them. Do more than the minimum here. If there are many important terms, include them. Be complete. Ideologies- theorizing of a visionary Inquiry- searching for truth Frivolous- serious Rampant- violent in action or spirit Aspiration- ambition Response: As an almost-teacher or current student, what are your reactions to the information and the perspective of the author(s)? I agree on some points made, but some I also disagree on. For the fact the system is becoming dumb down, due to the over diagnosed children with disabilities. Also teacher who are not as qualified as they should be, these things effect the outcome of each student and their future ahead of them....
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