COG PSYCH REV. Exam 2 - Psych 240 Exam 2 Review Sheet...

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Psych 240 Exam 2 Review Sheet Lecture 9: Working Memory. How thinking involves working memory: Raven's Progressive Matrices, Mental arithmetic Individual differences: measure of working memory span. Raven's, aging, and working memory. Interference: random number generation and reasoning. Reading comprehension. Evidence for WM/LTM distinction: Dissociations: Anterograde amnesia (LTM disorder) vs. working memory disorder. Serial position curve: primacy effect vs. recency effect (which is WM, which is LTM). Double dissociation logic (as applied to lesions, behavioral dissociations, and neuroimaging). Baddeley's 3-part model. Phonological loop: buffer and rehearsal. Visuospatial sketch- pad. Central Executive. Phonological loop evidence. Phonological coding: acoustic confusion (acoustic similarity effect, what about visual similarity or similarity in meaning?). Articulatory suppression. Phonological storage capacity: chunks. Time effects: word length, speed of speech. Speed of speech: WM span is large for: words that are pronounced quickly, people who speak quickly, and languages where words can be pronounced quickly. Phonological loop PET evidence: rehearsal process activates left hemisphere (Broca's area) and not right frontal. Visuospatial sketchpad: Behavioral double dissociation: Brooks letter-scanning task or sentence task coupled with pointing responses or vocal responses. Pattern of interference. Visuospatial sketchpad: PET evidence: visuospatial WM activates right frontal lobe and not left. PET double dissociation between phonological loop and visuospatial sketch-pad. Central executive: frontal lobe syndrome: perseveration, distractibility. Lecture 10. Amnesia and the Neuropsychology of Memory. Explicit vs. implicit. Conscious recollection vs. unconscious change. Amnesia: psychogenic vs. organic. anterograde vs. retrograde. Patient H.M., hippocampus, spared implicit memory: mirror reading. Tower of Hanoi. Priming: word fragment completion. amnesics' implicit performance (completing more old words than new) vs. explicit (recognition).
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PET studies of normals: double dissociation: word stem completion. Explicit task & results vs. Implicit task and results. Behavioral double dissociation: 1. Modality of presentation: implicit test and results, explicit test and results. 2. Depth of processing: implicit test and results, explicit test and results. Taxonomy of long-term memory
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COG PSYCH REV. Exam 2 - Psych 240 Exam 2 Review Sheet...

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