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cogex1quiz4 - Name Section Practice Quiz 4 1 Which of the...

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Name: Section: Practice Quiz 4 1. Which of the following is a prominent explanation for why our memory for pictures is better than that for words? a. Pictures contain more information than words. b. Pictures occur more frequently than words. c. Pictures can be coded both verbally and non-verbally. * d. Pictures are encoded symbolically. 2. In Tolman’s maze experiments, researchers discovered that when a familiar path to a food reward is blocked, rats tend to choose an alternative path that runs towards the food source. Which of the following statements best explains these results? 3. Imagine you are asked to mentally rotate a "J" clockwise from 0 degrees to 180 degrees. Halfway through your rotation a "J" is presented on a screen at 90 degrees. You must indicate if this is the same letter you are
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  • Fall '08
  • Gehring
  • subjective clusters* b., cognitive navigation processes., position heuristic c., position heuristic d., depictive codes

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