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A Key will be posted by the end of the day Wednesday. Please DO NOT email asking for one any earlier than that. You should study BEFORE you take the practice. If you have studied sufficiently, you should be aware of the validity of your answers on these questions. If you are unsure of any answers, use that information to go back and look into those topics again. Finding the correct answers for yourself will contribute more to your studies than just looking them up on a key. Knowing whether you have the correct answers is a good measure of how well you have studied. A word of CAUTION: DO NOT use the practice to narrow the material for study. Any exam can only be a spot check of the material we covered in over five weeks of class. Also, there are no graphics on this practice. There may or may not be graphics on the exam. BSC 2010, Practice Exam 1 Name: ___________________________________ Instructions: Read each question and all answers carefully before answering. Choose the BEST answer. Work at a steady pace, and you should have ample time to finish. ____________________________________________ 1) This is unique to a eukaryotic cell. a. the presence of ribosomes b. the lack of a cell wall c. the presence of a nucleus with no DNA d. a membrane-enclosed nucleus e. having a cell wall without a cell membrane. 2) With each step upward in the hierarchy of biological order, novel properties emerge that were not present at the simpler levels of organization. These emergent properties result from: a. the physical and chemical phenomena that operate only in living things. b. the arrangement and interactions between components. c. simple summation of the individual behavior of the component part. d. the emergence of supernatural forces. e. all of the above. 3) Kingdoms are frequently grouped into a higher category known as a. epochs. b. phyla. c. archaea. d. domains. e. eukarya. 4) All of the following observations and ideas are incorporated into Darwin's concept of natural selection EXCEPT: a. Individuals of a population vary.
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b. Reproductive potential exceeds what the environment can support. c. A change in the environment will create an appropriate, heritable adaptation during the lifetime of individuals coping with that environment. d. Through natural selection, a population may adapt to the environment over many generations. e. Members of a population in a particular environment are unequal in their potential for leaving offspring. 5) In the term “trace element”, the modifier “trace” means a. the element is very rare on earth. b. the element can be used as a label to trace atoms through an organism’s metabolism. c. the element is required in very small amounts d. the element enhances health but is not essential for the organism’s long-term survival. e. the element passes rapidly through the organism.
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Practice Exam 1 - A Key will be posted by the end of the...

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