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The estimate of the size of the bolide causing the Cretaceous extinctions is: 10KM The fossil record reveals that the rate of extinction over geologic history was not a uniform rate: TRUE Fossil evidence indicates that ichthyosaurs: GAVE BIRTH TO LIVE YOUNG The 400-500 teeth in each jaw of Pterodaustro may have been used for sieve for filtering out plankton scooped up into its mouth: TRUE The largest of these pterosaurs to ever take to the skies was: QUETZALCOATLUS This small thin projection from the foot to the lower right corner of the photo is THE HALLUX TOE What is the lightest adult dinosaur COMPSOGNATHUS The dome of the skull of this Stegoceras is accomodatesan exceptionally large brain cavity FALSE All the main groups of Mesozoic marine reptiles were probably capable of deep diving TRUE Which characteristic about the Neocertopsia is false THEY HAVE SMALL HEADS RELATIVE TO THEIR SIZE This is a partial skull of a member of what family of Pachycephalosauria with a flat skull roof HOMALOCEPHALIDAE In addition to the terminal Cretaceous extinction, other extinction events in the fossil record may have been caused by impact events TRUE Dinosaurs did not drag their tail or belly, indicating they walked upright with their limbs directly (or nearly so) under their body TRUE Dinosaur tracks have actually been found in coal mines: TRUE Scipionyx, a fossil hatching dinosaur from Italy, is known for its fossilized: LIVER, LARGE INTESTINE, WINDPIPE AND SOME MUSCLES The long furrows in the upper center of the photograph are: DINOSAUR TAIL MARKINGS The term pentadactyl refers to those with three digits, tetradactyl to those with five digits, and tridactyl to those with for digits: FALSE
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Which of these statements about the basal Pterosauria or rhamphorhyncoids is false: THEY WERE LARGER THAN PTERANODONS OF THE CRETACEOUS Ichthyosaurs were extinct before mosasaurs first evolved TRUE Some pterosaurs lacked teeth TRUE The shape of this dinosaur foot cast clearly indicates that it was made by a THEROPOD Mosasaurs, plesiosaurs, and ichthyosaurs have a very limited geographic distribution and are only found in North America FALSE This animal is a ICHTHYOSAUR (grey picture on wall, round body, triangle shaped head) The bones of this fossil from the University of Wyoming bears a remarkable numberof injuries “BIG AL” the Allosaurus These caudal vertebrae were fused by a disease called DIFFUSE IDIOPATHIC SKELETAL HYPERTOSIS This animal is a MOSASAUR (long snake-like curved boned structure)
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Dino4Turet - The estimate of the size of the bolide causing...

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