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Practice Exam 2 - CHM 2210 Section 4830 Fall 2006 Exam 2...

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CHM 2210 – Section 4830 Name________________________________ Fall 2006 Exam 2 UFID________________________________ 1. Williamson etherification of n-butyl bromide with sodium methoxide follows a typical S N 2 mechanism. Knowing this, give the following information. a) (4 pts) Write the chemical equation for this reaction ____________________________________________________ b) (3 pts) Write the rate equation for this reaction. ____________________________________________________ c) (2 pts) Based on what you have written in (b), suggest one way to increase the rate of product formation. ____________________________________________________ 2. (8 pts) Draw the dash and wedge structure of the following molecules: a) trans -1,3-difluorocyclopentane b) ( 2R, 3S )-2-ethyl-(3-iodomethyl)-5-heptene a) b) 3. (8 pts) Write the mechanism for light initiated monochlorination of propene with chlorine
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4. (6 pts) In a series of reactions, a bromine radical will react with each of the following molecules. Circle the hydrogen(s) that most readily react(s) with the bromine radical. H 3 C C CH 3 H 3 C C CH 2 CH 3 CH 3 H H 3 C H H H 5. (6 pts) Convert the following Fischer projection into a dash and wedge structure and label each asymmetric carbon with its proper R/S configuration.
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